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Hi, Jeff here from CTR Theme Review .org! And you are about to read my uncensored review of what I thought after trying out the new CTR Theme WordPress template. Be advised, though, that I plan to describe the product in detail… covering both the good and the bad points, so if that’s not for you then you should probably leave now.

By the way… this is just a CTR Theme Review

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CTR Theme Review

In order to give a full and honest review, I purchased the new CTR Theme and began testing it out on two relatively new websites. I have had a lot of experience with making money with Google through Adsense blogs in the past, so I was eager to see if the CTR Theme could increase my click through rate and, consequently, my income. I implemented the product for over a month to allow time for quality data, and I believe you will find my results surprising.

CTR Theme Review - The Specifics

Immediately after purchasing the CTR Theme, I received a confirmation e-mail and a receipt of purchase directly to my Inbox. I followed the instructions and had the new WordPress template downloaded to my computer and uploaded to my WordPress blog within a few minutes. WordPress accepted the theme flawlessly and I had no errors following installation.

The part that most relieved me was the ease of setup of the CTR Theme. Not being much of a blog or WordPress expert, I always have difficulty getting my review sites and Adsense blogs to look just right. This theme made choosing the best layout a piece of cake! In my WordPress admin panel, the CTR Theme provided graphical thumbnails of five recommended layouts. I just had to click and an entirely new and blog Adsense optimized theme appeared throughout my website.

Another technical problem I often have with trying to get money with Google through Adsense blogs is making the advertisements appear just right. This CTR Theme Review gives the theme five stars for simplicity in adding the Adsense code. Just beneath the theme options, there are four blank boxes where all you need to do is paste the code provided by Google. You can then selection the option to activate, semi-activate, or turn off your ads. These options essentially allow you to display ads to everyone, only to certain visitors, or to no one.

The main point of this CTR Theme Review, though, is to help you determine whether or not the product works. Well, I conducted a test over several websites for a period of one month, and will post my results. The majority of my websites kept the standard themes (because I did not want to risk losing much needed income if the theme did not work out) but I did risk testing it out for two of my sites. Please see the snapshot below:

CTR Theme Review

Needless to say, that was a huge improvement! Especially since I do not get a huge volume of traffic to my website, I was excited to see such a big increase in visitors clicking my ads and helping me make money with Google.

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CTR Theme Review – Good and Bad Points

This WordPress theme has many good points, but it is not completely perfect. Please see below for a breakdown of what this CTR Theme Review considered the most important things for you to know to make an informed purchase:

The Good Points…

  • The theme is extremely easy to download, upload, install and configure. I have only basic knowledge in WordPress and had it running in minutes.
  • The theme has five different, visually appealing layouts that you can preview and activate with the click of a button.
  • The theme inserts “push down images” at the top of your website so that the only text initially visible to your readers is primarily advertisements.
  • The CTR Theme automatically adjusts the colors of the Google ads to the color scheme of your affiliate review site or Adsense blog.
  • The theme automatically rotates the placement of your ads to draw your reader’s attention (and increase the liklihood of clicks!)
  • The theme is constantly being updated to fix occasional bugs that may arise for some users, and new features are constantly being added. And, the theme automatically notifies you in the admin area when new updates are available.

The Bad Points…

  • As with any website, this theme will not “automatically” make you rich… you will still need to write content for your blog or website and promote the site to attract visitors.
  • Occasionally there is a bug in the theme that causes the footer to not display approximately 10% of the time. (UPDATE: Fixed as of May 2011 and the footer appears normally).
  • This theme is primarily designed to increase Adsense revenue, and may not visually suit other types of sites such as an affiliate review site, for example.

CTR Theme Review – My Conclusion

After installing and running the CTR Theme for over one month, I have seen a marked increase in my click through rate and income. The theme is easy to use and has the potential to greatly increase revenue from Adsense. You will still need visitors to your website to get clicks, and this template may not suit product review blogs well, but it has proven great for me as far as generating revenue from Adsense. I highly recommend it.

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