CTR Theme Review – What Is It?

CTR Theme Review – The Basics

This CTR Theme Review site is all about giving you the honest truth about whether or not this product is good for making money with Google. The concept behind this theme is simple – simply upload it to your WordPress blog, activate it, and it claims to be able to increase your Adsense revenue. But  how does CTR Theme actually increase your adsense CTR (“click through rate”)?

CTR Theme ReviewThe way this product works is by automatically and randomly moving your ads to different locations on your Adsense website. For example, when a visitor visits your home page, the ads will be in a specific layout. If that same visitor visits a specific post or reloads the page, all the ads will have moved to new locations on the page to better attract that visitors attention to click.

Read more about the specific features below.

CTR Theme Review – How To Make Money With Google

But first, total beginners may not understand exactly what I am talking about and may be wondering exactly how to make money with Google, so I want to briefly highly exactly what makes up a Google Adsense website.

Basically, Adsense is a service provided to website owners by Google that lets those website owners or bloggers post Google advertisements alongside the page content. The Adsense script automatically determines the type of content on your website or blog, and begins displaying relevant ads on your site. Whenever a visitor clicks one of the ads, you get a commission.

CTR Theme Review – Cool Features To Improve Adsense CTR

Although the full CTR Theme Review will be posted at a later date, I wanted to highlight some of the cool features in this post. This Adsense theme,by default, places ads in areas that are known to have the highest click through rate. One neat feature of this theme is that it also gives you the option of including two large images at the very top of the page (under the Title area) so that the first thing the visitor sees when they visit the site are two large (but relevant) images surrounded by your ads.

I plan to detail the effectiveness of these features in a later CTR Theme Review, but for now, know that the CTR Theme offers not one but five completely different layouts. With the push of a button, you can completely change the color, look and feel of your site depending on your niche. For example, if you have a technical niche, you may want to choose a more bland and professional appearance to build more trust and get a higher Google Adsense CTR. Or, if you are marketing home furniture, you may want a more stylish and colorful theme. This is one of the features of the CTR Theme that really impressed me the most, but please wait for the full CTR Theme Review for the actual results of my testing!

So basically the theme consists of five different layouts, random Adsense placement to attract more visitor attention (and clicks), and the option to either turn off or block Adsense from displaying to visitors coming from certain referral domains (i.e. you can prevent DMOZ reviewers from seeing ads if they are reviewing your site for admission into their database). Initially, it really looks like a cool tool and make blog adsense!

Written by Jeff from CTR Theme Review.org

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